H1R2 by Wone Barnwell

H1R2 is a larger scale size robot controlled by an OOPic 
II microcontroller. The Dimentions are 20x23x12. It has a
motor board made by magnevation that runs 2 reduction gear motors, and an OOPic
Interface Module which connects a 3x4 keypad and a 24ch x 2 lines LCD
and also an OOPic WCM (Wireless Communication module) which 
sends info back to a PC gather from the 2 SRF08 Sonar
Range Finder. It also has CMPS01 Compass Module. I can also get 
video transmission from a X-10 camera which is mounted on a X-10 Robo
pan & tilt system.The Interface module can also control servo 
motor for an arm I plan on attaching later on.  

Email: wdbarnwell@prodigy.net

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