The Harpoon by Oscar and Bob

This robot was made as a project for our Ele25 
Digital class.  It follows a black line.  

Speed was our primary enemy, the 2 motors were direct 
to the wheels. this caused the robot to miss the line
sometimes.  We reduced the voltage on the motors to 3v 
and that fixed some of it.  Also using a couple of
transistors to control the motors. They were pulsed to 
run slower. Programing fixed the rest.  the left motor
was weaker than the right one, this made it go in circles. 
Programing fixed that to.

This robot runs on a total of 21v (what a drag)
2 12 volt DC motors bought on ebay
2 NPN transistors (from work) 
Basic Stamp II

It took about 1 month to build and troubleshoot.
excluding the BS2 it cost about $40 to build and run 


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