Henry VIII by Dan Kenney

Name: Henry VIII 
Robot Type: 8 - Legged Walker
Size: 1 meter x 1 meter x 1.5 meters
Weight: 475 lbs

Two large DC motors drive this skid-steer eight legged walker at 
speeds up to  3.5 miles per hour.  A "Compound Decoupled Yoke" drive
mechanism causes the trajectory of the feet to follow an ovular path
on the ground. 

Designed and constructed by several members of the WSU Robotics 
Research Organization in 1995, Henry VIII competed in the International
Walking machine Decathlon, taking second place. Henry later went on 
to woo k-12 students throughout the pacific morthwest during WSU 
Robotics' annual school tour presentation series.

Henry now sits in a corner of our lab, in permanent museum pose, as a
tribute to the long hours, increased caffiene intake and skipped 
classes needed to finish the project.

You can see more of Henry at:

Email: kenney2@wsunix.wsu.edu

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