Hexapod walker by Per Lindquist

Hi, this is my hexapod walker i develop at home just for the fun of it.

Descriptions, pictures and movies can be found at my web site 


but I'll give you a little summary here too:

The walker is a six-legged walking robot with a three-dimensional movement capability for each leg.
This gives a full six degrees-of-freedom capability for the body w r t the ground, achieved through
in total 18 revolute joints.

It is mechanically versatile and has a increasingly advanced motion control function (currently an
off-line prototype). The motion control is fully parameterized and the robot can mix e g walking
cycles with turning cycles and any body movement such as change of the body orientation and position
simultaneously. A motion sequence (such as walking) is specified with a few waypoints in a certain
coordinate system. Then the motion sequencer can scale the steps into any direction, length, height
and speed. The body position and orientation can also, independently of the current walking
sequence, change.

My web site contains a few demo clips of the robot in action.

Currently the robot has no sensors and can only execute pre-calculated motion sequences fed to it
via a serial line. It is only a matter of work and some money to make the calculations in real-time
and on-board.

On-board processors are currently one PIC16F628 and four PIC16F84. The electronics I developed are
modular, general and hierarichal in order to be reused in other projects in the future.

The servos are standard RC-servos.

Current problems are too weak servos and too slow serial communication, probably du to the PC not
sending the data flow in the correct speed.

I've been working on this project from time to time since 1997.

Feel free to visit my web site: www.toydroid.tk


Email: engineer@toydroid.tk

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