HexaTron by Tobias Reneskog

My name is Tobias Reneskog, and this my robot Hexatron.
It's body is constructed of sheets of fiberglass laminate, held together with long screws.
It has 12 JR591 RC servos for the legs, 2 for the gripper and a micro servo for the
sonar, which can sweep almost 90 deg sideways.
It has a full duplex radio data link for recieving commands and transmitting various data.
A 2,4GHz video link transmitts sound and video from the onboard camera. It also has speech
synthesis which can be used to report status or speak words sent via the radio link.
It can avoid obstacles by measuring their distance and position, and then calculating how to
walk past them. If this fails, it can detect collision by fiber optics leading from the front
legs to sensors in the body. This way, the sensors sweep sideways when the robot is walking,
increasing the chance if of detecting obstacles close to the robot.
The robot is controlled either via a terminal connected to the radio link, or via an LCD and
keypad. The LCD interface is menu-driven, so to change parameters or walk, one has to select
the appropriate menu, and then an action.
When controlling the robot from a terminal, either DOS-like commands and parameters can be sent,
or it can be controlled via single character commands. these are used to be able to steer it via
the numerical part of the keyboard.
The brain of the robot is an AT89S8252 microcontroller running at 11,0592MHz. It has 32 kB of
battery backed ram, which contains both the code and data. The current code size is about 20kB.
Finally, its power comes from a 6V 4Ah NiMH camcorder battery.
Originally, I used a 7,2V battery, but I had problems with the servos developing more torque
than they are designed for, resulting in a lot of broken gears.
Cost to build is about $700. 
Thanks to OMRON Sweden for supplying the very advanced fiberoptic sensors.
You can contact me at: reneskog@swipnet.se
Best regards
Email: reneskog@swipnet.se

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