ICU2 by Lee Sandberg

ICU2 is a 3 or 4 wheeld circular robot plattform
190 mm in diameter
110 mm heigh,
weight 2,5 KG
payload of 2 KG.

The wheels are not syncro drive wheels, but more independent since each wheel has two RC-servos, one for direction and one to power to wheel. The robot has six RC-servos for three wheels. Its easy to add a nother wheel, or change the robots diameter 190 - 250 mm. I use litium hydride batteries, that last over 1,5 houres with 2 KG payload. To control it I use the PIC and the Transputer, the software I use is a cross C compiler for PC. Its open and expandable system that is hard to outgrow.

You can see it in action at

It was the book Minimalist mobile robotics that inspired its design. By Jonthan H.Connell, MIT Ph D Work, ISBN: 0-12-185230-X

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