Igoria by Craig Dufrene

This robot is an animatronic head comprised of latex skin. The eyes
move in unison panning left and right upon command. The jaw moves in
synch with the user's programming. The eyes are controlled with a
stepper motor, and the mouth is controlled by a servo. Other facial
features include squinting and nose wiggling by using solenoids. The
interface is implanted inside the head. The entire head is controlled
by using a computer (either Commodore 64 or 386 PC) and a program
which allows the user to control the head by certain keys on the
keyboard. The movements are recorded within the computer and
the steps can be edited , saved and printed out.

For example, I programmed the robot to recite a five minute excerpt
from Seinfeld, played it back through VHS and started the head
sequence. Voila ! Jerry Seinfeld in my workshop !!
The entire project took about a month to create. The program took
about 2 weeks to design and code, then the testing phase took about 1
week.  Cost on the project was approx $200.00 not including the
computer. The interface was designed by using 8 5-v relays, diodes
and transistors which connect to the parallel port on the computer...

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