IR3-D2 by Dustin Rolof

(Infrared range x 4   detection @20cm)
This Robot is my sixth and the best robot I've built so far.


-AIRRS analog ifrared range-finding system. 3 mounted on front 
for collisions 20 cm away and one on back mounted on
servo for a rotational "EYE"

-Modified Hitec servos for the drive

-rotational R2 head(from KFC) with Laser Bright LED for pointer 
and 4 cds cells mounted on the outside to find light

-Rotational "EYE" mounted at back on servo

-Remote control functions to start up different modes "It will 
dance and play the Star wars theme, Find Light and
"shoot it"

-loud variable sound that is adjusted by remote (very cool)

1 Basic Stamp 2
1 Board of Education  (Very Handy)
4 AIRRS analog ifrared range-finding system (Available @
2 hitec hs-300 servos   (for the drive system)
2 Futaba S3003 servos    ( for the head and Ir eyes at rear)
1 small speaker          ( loud with a small amp circuit)
4 cds cells
1 radioshack detector module
Super-Lok fasteners from radioshack( way stronger than velcro)
some plexiglass ( Got as scrap from glass shop)
A few pieces of Lego
R2 D2 Head from KFC
Lots of glue with hot glue gun

This robot is very cool.

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