Jane Doe by Tom Blitch

Beam style bot. Introduced by Mark Tilden. Uses 5 modified 
servo motors. Uses bicore to drive a 4 Neuron string (74hc14).
Opposed to a 4 Neuron loop. Alot more reliable. Reverse sensor 
using 74HCT240. 74LS245 used as motor drivers. Waist motor
uses a 6 Darlington transistor h bridge. I plan on adding 
turn sensors and photodiodes for sight later on. Power is
supplied by 5 1.5v 1600Ma nicads at 7.5 volts. Takes very 
large steps and get get over many obstacles.

I had to redo the electronics twice and the frame about 4 or 
5 times because the the walking gait wasn't quite right.
Very frustrating. Plus the first set of batteries only lasted 
a few minutes so I replaced those too. I think they were
recharged wrong. I want to wait and see how long this set last 
before having to be recharged before adding any sensors. 

I am currently working on a monster 8 servo walker using 
microcore technology with a new many new circuit ideas I
recently came up with. I also plan to add a Basic stamp 
to and more functionality.

Email: tab54@home.com

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