JCB Robot Mark One by Jim Balderrama

Steering:   Differential steered via two servos 
Main Processor:   Basic Atom w/ 16K memory
Software:   BASIC Micro Atom Basic, 2000 lines code

Operating Modes:   Sentinel Mode, Wait mode, Wall Follow,
Wander Mode, Auto mode , RC Mode

Sensors:   Devantech SRF-04 sonar and CdS light cell
Lighting:   White LED headlight with auto-on capability
Sound:   Piezo electric speaker for beeps. 
Speech:   General Instrument SP0256-AL2 allophone speech processor.   39 word and phrase vocabulary
spoken through 2.5" speaker

Control:   Lynx RF key fob and RF module
Power:   NITRO 7.2V rechargeable NiCad
Chassis:   Budget Robotics Octobot 
Collision Protection:   Custom brass bumper

The parts I got from several varied sources - Parallax, BasicMicro,
Budget Robotics, Fry's, Radio Shack, Gateway Electronics, Home Depot
supplied some plumbing parts, and stuff from my garage that I had for years. One of the toughest
problems I encountered was debugging the speech board which was wired-wrapped and also soldered. It
took bout six weeks to complete the hardware and software. I am still enhancing the software. Cost
was about $300. 

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