Kirby by Jeff Corr

Kirby consists of a BASIC Stamp II module controlling two motors
to go foreward, backward, and turn.  The motors are 
controlled by an "H" bridge type circuit with relays instead
of a semiconductor.

The two sensors on the front off to a 45 degree angle are 
made using a 555 timer circuit and a Radio Shack IR
sensor.  The BS2 takes 16 readings on each sensor to get 
the most accurate reading, using the pulsin command to
get the length of the trigger pulse.  (The closer the object, 
the longer the pulse.)  If an object is in front of
the robot, both sensors will trigger a "center object alert" 
by using weaker readings.  This trick works
exceptionally well.

The second board underneath the BS2 board contains an 
SPO256-2AL voice synthesis IC, as well as a voice
recognition system out of Jameco.  Voice commands can 
also issue directional control of the bot.

Kirby can remember the last 64 moves and corse corrections 
he has done, allowing him to return to his start
position at the end of his journey.


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