Kritzler by Dieter Schenk

KRITZLER has a Motorola HC11F1 MPU with 32kB Battery-RAM for controll.
2 steppermotors for moving with more precision and 1 little micromotor
for pen moving up/down, 1 IR-receiver for accepting commands from a
universal IR-remotecontrol. Software is my personalized edition of a
good old FIG-FORTH, extended with autostart capability and the Inter- 
rupt controlled IR-receiver routine. 
I buildt KRITZLER for my children to show the easy way of drawing 
figures with rotations and moving like the LOGO-Turtle.
Once downloaded the FORTH programm, the robot takes comands from the
IR-remote like "-30 R" (30 deg. rotate left)"P" or "-P"(pen up/down).
And best of all, i think, the programming of moving sequences as a
macro-command (this is FORTH...). Only one problem is the powercon-
sumption of the steppermotors, but nobody is perfect.

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