The Ladies Man by Justin R. Ratliff

The Ladies Man by Justin R. and Jason S.

Description:  We were tired of building smart robots that
function well but look ugly as they are still works in progress
so we made The Ladies Man.  Its a first try at building an
entertainment type robot.  He was meant for parties and to
show off when family and friends ask,  what does your robot do.

We tried to design him so it was easy to add new things to him,
yet still look like hes all one piece.  So the entire top comes
off head, body, arms, jacket and all.  The secret is a trashcan
that fits snug over the inner body.  The Ladies Man was also
limited to mostly the junk we had piled in boxes in our garages.
In other words he was a cheap project.  The most expensive part
was his new jacket we found in the kids cloths section.  Good
thing he wont out grow it!  

Techno:  The Ladies Man appears to swing his arms to music even
though its just a timer that makes the arms swing. The arms are
made of aluminum sheet metal, cut and rolled into shape.  Then
screwed and glued onto cheap one-dollar motors with large
pulleys on the ends. The coolest part of The Ladies Man is a
small home made laser light show coming out of his head. The
design is a J & J Robotics trade secret, but I can tell you
that it involves a $19 dollar laser pointer and a motor with
a weight on it. The end pattern is a unique laser line on the
ceiling, which rotates.  The face and inner body is from a Lego
container.  The wheels are from a Tyco mini-rebound, price $24.
The remote was removed and saved for a latter project (stay tuned).  

The Ladies Man has simple bump and advance sensors.  A Basic Stamp
I is used for motor control and for any latter add-ons. The Ladies
Man also has a remote for a kill switch, and an auto-theft system
from a Corvette. Cause we know the ladies may want to take this cutie
home, but hes got to stay so we can charge his batteries. 

Like any true Ladies Man, he might not know much about whats going on
in the world around him, but hes got a lot of personality. 

If you have any requests, comments or suggestions,
please send e-mail at: 


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