"Lefty" by Randolph W. Montgomery

Size:  3.5 feet x 4.5 feet
Weight:  45 pounds
Power:  24 volts AC and 12 volts DC
Time to Build:  1 1/2 years and continuing (would like to integrate
                       with my PC)
Cost:  Approx. $35.00 (most parts are from my storage shed - which
                        my wife says you have to see to believe!)

General Info:
- robot is controlled by a joystick which has upper and lower control 
- upper controls the up and down motion, and the rotation of the
  extension of the arm
- lower controls the grippers, rotation of grippers and the pivot of the
- robot picks up small objects such as tennis balls, raw eggs (gently)
  dog biscuits, etc.
- robot uses "relay logic" to operate
- primary function of this robot was to see if I could build it!

- 7 variable voltage motors, including gear boxes
- 14 limit switches
- 16 main control relays for motors
- 4 back-up relays for the joystick

This was the first robot I have built.  Since this time, I have built a robotic CD changer and a walking spider!

Picture of robot is being e-mailed from flashback@gowebway.com.

Thank you for your interest!  I hope to see this on your page one day soon.

Email: flashback@gowebway.com

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