Linbot by Alexander Andersson

Linbot is my first succesful robot I ever buildt. The rotating base is an ginger biscuit box, it
works very well execpt it is not so heavy.

The main controller is an BS2 and a Mini SSC II. The arm is moved by four servos type HS322. It took
me around 2 months to build only at late evenings. The price was around $130 dollars all parts

The only problems there where was the programming, but as you came in to it it get more and more
easy. The arm is build up with small tree sticks as you can see in the picture. 

In the future my ideas is to add som stuff. A webcamera and a joystick with switches wich i think is
quite simple to do.

I hope this information is enough. Please contact me if you want more information. There is a lot of


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