LineRider1 by Steven Frye

Description:LineRider1 is a two wheeled differential steering line following robot that follows a
black line on a white surface.Its built from just electronic components.Its motors are a twin gear
box from set at a gear ratio of 203:1 for more tourqe.LineRider1 uses relays to
control its motors.The circuit board,batteries for the interval timer,and the interval timer are
held on by a rubber band.Its body is a project box. 

Problems:The only problem I had was the photocells because when they recieved light reflected off
the floor they just kept running even when they got on the black line but I fixed this by adding a
interval timer.

Time to build:About a year on and off dew to the photocell problem but i fixed it.

1 Twin Motor Gearbox Kit $
1 Narrow Tire Set (pair)$
1 Interval Timer Kit $
16 AA's $4.00 From The Dollar Tree
1 Rubber Band $Free   
22 Gauge Wire $Free
1 Pc Mount DPDT Switch $
1 Panel Mount SPST Switch $Free
1 Grid-Style PC Board-356 Holes $1.79 From Radio Shack
1 Grid-Style PC Board-750 Holes $3.29 From Radio Shack
2 Metal Standoffs With Screws $1.59 From Radio Shack
3 4 AA Battery Holders 3 Times $1.69 From Radio Shack
2 2 AA Battery Holders 2 Times $1.49 From Radio Shack
2 5 ohm light,20 ohm dark photocells $Free
1 Krypton Bulb $2.59 From Radio Shack
2 5vdc DPDT DIP Relay $
1 6x3x2" Project Enclosure $3.79 From Radio Shack

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