Line-Tracker Pro by Nicholas H

Base: legos
Outputs: two lego motors
Inputs: two CDS (cadmium sulfide) cells
Brain: circuit I made
Functions: Line-Tracker Pro can follow a black or white line that is  wider that ¼”. It can 
even be 4’ wide! This robot can navigate around all turns, no matter how sharp they are. It is also
capable of finding its way through a maze that has loops and dead ends, as long as neither the start
nor the finish is surrounded by a loop.
Power Source: 1 non-rechargeable 9-Volt battery
Width: 3.5 inches
Length: 5 inches
Height: 3 inches
Problems: As I look back, I don’t really remember having any problems except that I
couldn’t  get it powered by a rechargeable 9V battery. I checked the label on the battery and it
said ”7.2 volts. Meant for 9V applications.” I bought some non-rechargeable 9V batteries, which
really are 9V, and it worked fine.
Time to build: 5 days
Cost: $5.93-batteries.
	I had all the other parts.

Notes: I started designing this robot just for fun. I wanted to make a robot that was better 
Than my old line-following robot, (Line-Tracker Bot) and I got the idea of making one that could
complete a maze. I plan on entering it in the 2003 Robothon at the Seattle Robotics Society in the
Line Maze event.


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