Little Johny by Dan Gates

Little Johny was inspired by the robot from one of my favorite movies 'Short Circuit" One of the
reasons I formed Southern Oregon Robotics Club was to get Kids involved in technology. I do school
assemblies and volunteer classes about robotics, I needed a robot that looked humanoid (head, arms,
etc.) and friendly in order to capture the attention of a young audience... thus Little Johny
immerged from the robo-junk-heap.
 He has three degree's of freedom in each arm (shoulder, elbo, gripper), a tilting head,
Pyro-electric eye sensors, SP0256 speach, polaroid sonar, 3 Sharp GP2D12 IR Rangers, Controlled by
an expanded HandyBoard, and Driven by a hacked PowerHorse toy tracter. Little Johny is still
undergoing improvements and will eventually have a mood based behaviour algorythm to give him


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