Max dV by Marc Warren

Robot: Max dV
Purpose: Compete at Trinity College Home Fire-Fighting Robot Comp.
CPU: Motorola 6803 8-bit 4 mhz w/16k RAM w/32k EPROM
Drive: 4 400 oz.inch DC servomotors driving 1" wide timing belts
Thrust: 100 lb peak- Weight: 50 lb- Power Source: 110 VAC @ 15 A peak
Navigation: 1000 line encoder odomitry each side for .0015" resolution; 
also piezo-gyro stabilization for accurate turns.
Targeting: IR/Optical sensor w/ 25mm lens spinning at 300 rpm constant scan
Extinguisher: 800 psi CO2 concussion fired in 10 msec pulses
Coding: Assembler
Design Philosophy: Apply maximum amount of power to arena surface without 
causing combustion; maximize delta-V in all modes.

Time to complete: Unknown/classified  Cost: If I knew, I'd have to kill myself...


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