Maxwell by Mark Medonis

Maxwell is an animatronic, in that five hobby servos are 
used to move a puppet head. Two servo are used to move the eyes
left/right and up/down, and two servos are used to move the 
entire head left/right and up/down. The fifth servo opens and 
closes the jaw.

A BASIC Stamp II is used to read the positions of two joysticks 
and convert those positions to commands sent to a Mini SSC II
servo control circuit from Scott Edwards Electronics. The two 
joysticks control eye and head motion.

However, the important advance in Maxwell that makes it more 
robotic than animatronic is the speech system. This is a Visual
Basic program that performs both speech synthesis as well as 
lip sync movement of the jaw on the robot. Both of these happen 
in real time, so any arbitrary dialogue can be commanded.

These features made Maxwell a very popular interactive exhibit 
at the San Francisco hobby robot show as well as the Seattle
robot club show "Robothon" in October of this year, 1999.


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