Mextar by Daniel Leicht

This robot is intened to compete on the Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Competition,
for more information: Http://
he his very big and heavy for that kind of robots but that is becuase my old supplys i had
(really big engines) he runs on 2 engines of 30V 8A (3 coil engines) there is a built in encoder in the engine.
the sensors are:
Hamamatsu UVTron: used to detect the existance of a candle in a room,
PyroElectric Sensor: used to find exactly where the candle is,
5 IR Sharp Sensors: used as a range sensors,
2 Line Sensors: used to detect white lines when entering a room,
Microphone: used to find out when the alarm starts. 
the cpu of the robot is motorola's s19, 
the way i chose to put of the candle is by a fan (near the pyroelectric sensor)
the fan's engine runs on 12v and the fan itself i took from a car fan,
there are 2 stablizers on the robot:
1. from 12v to 9v
2. from 9v to 5v
the 12v is for the engines and the fan,
the 9v is for the CPU board (on the back of the robot)
the 5v is for the interface board (sensors get 5v as input)
the robot is about 21cm X 27cm and his height is about 24cm
it took me about 2 months to build it
and now i will start programming it in motorola assembly,
wish me good luck :)


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