MIABOT by Mark Norman

Micro-Intelligent Autonomous roBot:


On board Atmel risc based CPU.
On board RF Comms (upgradeable to two-way comms specify 418Mhz or 433Mhz).
Modular easy access case design measuring 8cmx8cmx8cm
On board twin NIMH battery packs.
Expansion slot for application sensors etc.
Built in support to drive twin DC motors with OPTO feedback on board.
Fast twin drive train with opto encoders capable of speeds upto 1m/s.
Shipped with freeware 'C' compiler and development environment
On board programmer.
Full 'debug' mode operation via communications cable.

see www.merlinsystemscorp.com for a full specification.

Email: merlinsystems@bigfoot.com

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