Milikito by Paco Carabaza


This robot is the turn out to take advantage of the mechanics 
of two old walkmans and a few electronic components obtained
from remainder Personal Computer devices, with the aim to 
demonstrate that sometimes, is not necessary to include a computer
in a robot to make a relatively complex task.

This device is able to follow a line drawn up in the ground.

It has two type H bridge DC motor controllers, two infrared 
sensors, made with infrared photodiodes and leds obtained from
a PC mouse, and a series of logical trigger schimitt inverter 
gates to adapt the levels of voltage from infrared sensors, to
adapt the ambient light level. It does not have computer, 
because it uses a direct electric logical to make his task.

Problems encountered:
When using the mechanics of two walkman, to equip steer, and 
to have very little reduction, was necessary to cause that at
the moment for giving voltage to the motors to advance, it was 
made to pulses to reduce the effective value, to avoid line

Time for the construction: Two evenings.

Cost: When being constructed with remainder pieces the cost he 
was almost null. 


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