mini-slug by CHEVREUIL

after my first Crawler "robastic", I decided to make it more compact and efficient, replacing
aluminium parts by Polycarbonates ones and standard Servos by mini-servos. The electronic is with a
pic 16F84A but the old basic-stamp1 OEM is enough. It got to sensors, one IR "vision" light detector
and buzzer for some sounds. the weight is around 150 grammes with the 8.4 V Nicad battery. It can be
faster than a Legged robot and change direction really really fast ! This design is still unique yet
(after 2 years!) and I will be happy to see more of this kind on the Web. Don't hesitate to visit my
website or email me.
Thanks again for for this really nice oportunity to show world-wide amateur Robotic !

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