Mobile Robotic Arm by Syed Ross Farooq

This Mobile Robotic Arm is our final year project which is still under construction.The Mechanical
assembly is as seen in the image above.The main mechanical components are the different gears which
are made up of brass .The gripper uses shape memory alloy(SMA) pistons from Mondotronics.The
different kind of motors used are the 4 phase stepper motors for the links and 90 rpm servo motors
for the differential system for the mobile base. 
The arm is fully computer controlled through the parallel port for wired transmission in case of
short distances(10-15m)and through the serial port for wireless transmission for longer distance(in
excess of 20m).The modulation technique used for wireless transmission is Amplitude Shift
Keying.There is a decoding circuit for the expansion port for both the modules.
The software has been written in Turbo C as well as VB6 .Two CCTV video cameras have been
interfaced, the camara sends the image to the computer, the computer process the image in real time.
The cost of this robot is around 1000USD
My group comprises of two more people (Fareed & Saba).
I am thankful to all those who have helped me especially Irfan sir Faruk sir & Zahir.
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