Mosquito by Noa Izumi

Form 6 Summer Physics Project

Date: August 1998

Product Name: Mosquito (Prototype)
Length: 116mm Width: 106mm Height: 132mm (standard)
Weight: 800g (standard), 1200g (maximum)
Control Area: 10m (ideal) 
Battery Requirement: 1.5V AA cell *6 + 9V cell *4
Power Motor: FA-130 (8000 rpm)*2 Gear box: 58:1
Receiver: Infra red 8 channels receiver with relay switch
Control Chip: AT89c2051

Standard Equipment:
Video Camera: 256 grayscales CCD video camera
Video Signal Transmit: UHF indoor transmitter

Optional Equipment:
Class 3a Laser Pointer
12V Extra Battery Package
DC Step up Converter (3V to 9V)

Computer System:
Battery Requirement: 1.5V AA cell *2 + 9-12V power supply
Control method: 8255a + 8 channels relay board
Transmitter: Infra red 8 channels transmitter
Control computer: 486 or above, run with Windows95 (or higher)
Other Requirement: TV card with indoor TV signal receiver

Minimum Revolving Radius: 116mm 

Buildup Cost: HK$ 1500 


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