Mr. Head by Christopher Jones


Mr_Head was intended to be used as the head of an anthropomorphic mobile robot. Other robots that I
built in the past only had very limited sensory capabilities and most of the sensors were
Mr_Head was specifically designed to be more versatile than this.

How it works:

Mr_Head uses two servo motors to move an ultrasound SONAR sensor. It has a sensory range of 1.5
metres and yaw/pitch sweep angles of 60'.
The robot head is controlled by an IBM compatible computer via printer port using a C program I
wrote. I programmed it to scan a field of 60' in both the horizontal and vertical planes, like a
raster scan. The robot scans at variable ranges and on completion of its sweep, it plots an 8x8 grid
of what obstacles it detected at each range setting. All of the data gathered from the raster scan
are passed as  parameters to the program functions that control Mr_Head's body.

Technical specifications:

Build time: 1 day to build, several days to get the program right  [:-)] Cost:       SONAR 29.99 Servos 13.50
Language:   Borland Turbo C 
Range:      1.5 metres
Servo sweep:60 degrees


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