M.R.R (Mechanical.Robotic.Rover) by Ahmed and Ziauddin

M.R.R stands for Mechanical Robotic Rover and i made when i was in class 8 for my school's anual
science exibition.
It got second prize in the whole grade.
I made it with the help of my friend Ziaudin Ahmed(age=14 years) amd me Ahmed Mahmmod(age=14 years)
in Karachi, Pakistan.
My friend supplied some parts for it and helped me build it.
No electronics were used as it was our first Robot making attempt,But it was all mechanical.
This robot (or M.R.R) was made by using thin sheets of metal.Four 6v motors were used to drive the
wheels, each attatched to one motor.It was able to move forward and backward.Then there was a
Gripper made by Meccano parts and it worked with a 3v motor.(You can see it in the picture).To lift
the gripper with pay load i used gear-system from an old cd-rom drive.It is able to lift 50-75g of
payload and with a full battery charge from 60-95grams.It can easily pick up any cell or 9v battery.
The chasis are spray painted with silver colour.
The battery that is used is Hitachi 6v 10ah battery, which supplies full power.
No gear boxes were used.
Total cost was around :-
4 6v motors=2.0$(us)
Sheet of metal=2.0$
Wiring and clips=3.0$
Micro switches and buttons=0.75$
Wheels =0.0$ as they were taken out from a capsella kit
Wire clippers=2.05$(one packet)
Total cost =13.80$
It took one whole month to gather parts and build it, while we had to face many problems such as not
finding the right battery,motors and tools.
But we overcame our problems by solving them one by one .
So thats it!
Bye and see ya again with our any new robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Email: ahmedm1pk@hotmail.com

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