Mybot by Brian Johansen

This robot is made of a small garbage can.
It is IR remote controlled and has RAM memory.
It can be programmed to roll a specific route
that lasts up to 20 minutes.  It has a simple
ultrasonic collision avoidance system, and can
maneuvre itself around a room.  It has a sound
system that can tell the time with a female voice,
alert you when it needs a recharge and alert when
it "sees" something in front of it.
It took a year to build and costed aprox. $400.


32 channel IR Remote system
2 12V driving motors
1 12V Rechargeable Camcorder NiCd battery
1 Digital speaking watch
1 ultrasonic position system
1 sound unit
1 12V built in recharge unit
and a lot of electronics

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