Nanomouse by Carl Kalkhof

  This robot was designed to compete in the "BEAM" Nanomouse robotic
competition. As can be seen in the picture the Nanomouse is a scaled 
down version of the popular Micromouse type events held all over 
the world.
  My particular mouse was the only one to successfully complete the 
maze, in any amount of time, so it took first place both years 
  The mouse uses the Motorola 6805kics microcontroller and a National 
Semiconductor 1 amp dual H-bridge motor driver I.C.. The drive train
consists of two modified micro servo's used for very small RC planes.
The motors are placed in the standard opposing positions so that the 
mouse can rotate on its axis. Power is provided by four 110 ma NiCad
batteries housed in the pink body portion of the mouse. These can be
recharged between runs. Sensing is accomplished by four piano
wires that, when touching a wall, come in contact with a copper strip
placed along the waist of the mouse. This in turn will activate the 
microcontroller inputs and the appropriate action will take place.


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