Navigator1 By:Steven Frye

Hi,im Steven Frye and I love robotics I live in Alabama and navigator1 is my first robot attempt its
a simple robot it has one momentary switch in the froint its on the left side when it gets bumped it
causes the robot to turn right and starts a new
Most of my parts came from Radio Shack here's a list of the parts I Bought.  

Two electric motors there 1.5 volts thru 3 volts they costed about $1.45 each.   
A pc board which I used for the body it costed $5.95.
Momentary switchs which costed $2.45.
A AA battery holder which costed $1.95.
A pack of spst switches which costed $2.
A blinking led which I used for the on indicating light it costed $1.45.

Every thing else came from the robot junk heap.

To find out more about Navigator1 and my future robotics project email me at

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