Netbot #1 by Foday Harris

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This robot is one many I am building for my robot network....I 
uses multiple BASIC STAMPS for brains....sensors presently
include (1) photo cells and (2) IR ranger.(gp2912...this has a 
range from 10cm to 80cm...I use it for mapping my path and
for object detection).  Future sensors will include...(1) 
Temperature Sensor (2) Video camara (5) Sonar Ranger (6) Sharp
IR detector and (7) Miniture CCD camara....

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The network when completed, will have my 600MHZ pentium 3 pc as 
the MASTER and the robots as the SLAVE..They will communicate via 
a wireless 433mhz link....

The main PC will keep track of the robots position and will be 
able to transmit voice to the robots and reveive VIDEO from them...

I also plan to run a text to speach engin on the main pc to 
enable email to be read through the robots...I am presently
working on the sonar ranger....

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