Nomad at Stanford

We have two of these Nomad 200 mobile robots, which are designed and manufactured by Nomadic Technologies of Mountain View, CA. Ours are serial numbers 19 and 20, so we are hoping that some day they will become collectors' items.

Each robot has a tactile bumper, a ring of 16 ultrasonic sensors, and a laser ranging system. One also has a ring of 16 infrared proximity sensors. We fit them with additional cameras as necessary.

Inside each robot is a 386-based PC equipped with a frame grabber, speech synthesizer, and other cards that interface with the sensors.

We either program the onboard PC directly in C, or we write programs on workstations and control the robot using radio modems.

If you have ideas for names for the robots (which have gone nameless for over a year now), please send them to, since we are clearly not creative enough to think of names ourselves!

Please send questions or comments to

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