Hi my name is Oriol Escote.

This is my second robot, and my first attempt at a legged robot.
I really built this low-cost robot in preparation for a robotics course 

NYA is a six-legged robot who has at this time only one function. 
It moves around in all directions, and changes paths
when IR photodiodes detects an obstacle.

While 3 legs are in the air, the other 3 make the robot go foward.

Here is a list of NYA's features:
- a PIC16f84 microcontroller programed in Assembler as brain
- 2 IR LED and 2 IR photodiodes
- a 6v 1.2A/h Panasonic battery
- three stepper motors ( from old Seagate hard disks !!! ) driven by 
a multiplexed L293 H-bridge.

Specifications (metric) : L 220mm x 200mm x h110mm
Weight : about 1500g

An 6v 1.2A/h battery delivers enough power to walk for several hours 
( it depends on the terrain ).

Total constuction time was about 4 months, and I probably spent 
less than $25 for parts.

For additional information ( pictures, reports, ideas, ... ), you can 
mail-me at : oriolescote@hotmail.com 

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