NYAOB by Rory Chronister

NYAOB -- Not Your Average OmniBot

I picked up this OmniBot by Tomy at a local swap meet for $15.  
The guy told me it worked but it didn't.  So what
do I do? I gut it! I took out the tape deck, control board, 
and the arms.  

I have been tinkering with it for the last couple months.  
I decided to go with a basic stamp II that I had laying
around for the processor.  I will need to upgrade that to 
a basic stamp network or a different type of processor

Mounted on the head is a modified Polaroid Range Finder 
board and transducer from a Polaroid Camera I found at a
swapmeet for $5 (love those swapmeets).  It is used for 
detection of objects that are about a foot and a half to
about 30 feet away.  It is mounted on a servo that rotates 
it 180 degrees.

There is an Ir detection assembly in the "belly" of the 
OmniBot.  It consists of two Ir emitters and a single
receiver that is also mounted on a servo with about a 
90-degree sweep.  This is for closer object detection and
avoidance.  It has a range of about 14".

I obviously used the original base.  The geared motor 
assembly that drives the four wheels in the base is awesome.
It is driven by a homemade double H-bridge style speed control.

The arm is semi-original.  Modified to fit the toy hand 
from K-bee toys (on sale $5).  I saw that hand at the toy
store and I had to buy it and hack it for my OmniBot.  
I used thin RC airplane cable and servo clips to modify the
digits to accept the four servos that control them.  
The hand is not currently part of the omnibot's OS, but is

The Omnibots current OS is a navigational program written 
in pbasic that is pretty much a mapping program.  He
just kind of roams around the house, making his route to 
check every thing out.  He will be able to do more once I
upgrade the processor.  I have already maxed out the 
I/Os and I am out of memory on the stamp.  I have an old 486
laptop with the small HD and floppy I am thinking of 
using.  I also need to add speech recognition and a speech
synthesizer. My Omnibots current cost is around $60

Email: yoguru@hotmail.com

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