Omnibot 2000 by Scott Nortman

The robot was built during the summer of 1999 for a class Intelligent 
Machines Design Lab, at the University of Florida.  The plastic body
was orginally an old toy from about 10 years ago, and I removed all of 
the stock electronics and replaced them with two Motorola 68HC11
microcontrollers.  One is in single chip mode generating all of the PWM 
signals for the 12 servos, and the other is on expanded multiplxed
mode with the control code.  I also have an RC Systems voice synthesizer 
and a Hamatsu voice recogntion chip.  The robot has 4 bump
sensors, and 12 IR emitter/detector pairs for obstacle avoidance.  The 
wooden parts were cut out on a T-Tech CNC machine, and the tool
paths were drawn in AutoCAD.  The address to the picture is:  

Scott Nortman


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