I built this robot off & on over several years.It has gone 
through a number of iterations. It uses two 12v gearmotors to
drive the 4 legs on each side separately so it can turn & 
go forward and back. The legs are driven on each side via a
gear train mounted to 1/4" plexiglas. The motor control is 
via a Parallax BS1 microprocessor thru 4 DPDT relays. It has 2
microswitch sensors on the front for obstacle avoidance, LED's 
for eyes and a speaker to communicate. I used a IR sensor
and a TV remote control so that I can control it by IR remote 
control using the Sony codes. I got the idea from a website
called "Corky's Robtoz".It walks well on smooth surfaces but 
doesn't turn well on carpet. There are more pictures, a
schematic and code on my website: www.computan.on.ca/~wweaver. 

Email: wweaver@computan.on.ca

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