Omni-Directional Vehcile (ODV) by the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy has developed a unique, highly manuverable vehicle
based on the ILON omni-directional wheel.  Sometimes, the wheel is called
a MECANUM omni-directional wheel.  Under the Navy's program, a series of
vehicles ranging from 70 pounds to two vehicles weighting around
5,000 pounds.  Due to the unrestricted manuverablity and simplicity of
control, these vehicles are especially adaptable for autonomous or
teleoperated operations.  Currently, we are designing and building
another small vehicle which will be remotely controlled for inspection
of areas inaccessable to humans.  The following two WWW addresses
provide sites where additional information can be found fully describing
these vehicles:

a) The first, written several years ago, provides an overview of these
vehicles and their capablity -

b) The second is a short article in Popular Mechanics -

Hillery McGowen
Coastal Systems Station
Panama City, FL 32407
850 235 5046


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