Omni Wheeler by Sudhi

The first Robot I have ever built.I acquired a good knowledge and exposure to embedded technologies
and microcontroller programming.The Robo is controlled my PIC18F6720 and the commanding is through
PDA(Sony Ericsson P800). The application in the PDA is written in Appforge Mobile VB.The
communication between the Robo and the PDA is through Bluetooth.The Robo is having 3 Standard Servo
motors for movement, where in omni-directional wheels with polyurethane rollers are fixed to the
motors.The Robo can move move in any of the 3 directions freely with help of these wheels.The
movement of each motor can be contolled by sending commands from the PDA application.There are 3 IR
Sharp sensors with detecting distance of 20 to 150 Cms.The Robo will transmit a data packet to the
PDA indicating that an object has been detected, with the help of these 
sensors.The distance at which the Sensor should detect can be configured.This detection will help
the Robo to stop, in case any object comes as an obstacle.
Power source for this kit is through an 9.6 V rechargealble battery.An LED indication is made with
the battery power goes low.Also the battery power indication is showed constantly in the PDA
As my futher development I would like to enhance this Robo by fixing a camera, for precise object
detection, where the color of the object can be detected.

Technical Specifications:
PIC18F6720 communication.
3 Sharp IR Sensors for object detection.
3 Servo Motors for movement.
PDA Application(Sony Ericsson P800) for commanding the functionalities.
Bluetooth for communication with the PDA.
Time take: 3 Months

My sincere thanks to Mr.Dhananjay for giving extreme inputs,ideas and encouragement, and all my
collegues who helped me in building my first robot.


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