Otto by Rodrigo Cabezas Besnier

Otto is a three wheeled mecano platform, that carry 2 
servomotors, 2 6 volt battery pack to power the servos 
and one infrared camera with transmitter  , one 9 volt 
battery, to power the well known pic16f4 microcontroller 
through a 5 volt regulator and one Autonics, ready to use 
infrared sensor, to detect objects and prevent colissions.

Otto was programmed in Picbasic (microengineering labs) 
and one of the principal design considerations was to
minimize the amount of components on the protoboard. The 
Autonics sensor has an open colector output that you
can connect directly to the microcontroller through a pull 
up resistor at 5 volts. The Autonics also has a
little potentiometer, that let you adjust the detection 

The overall cost was about U$ 150, if you omit the camera
you reduce the cost to U$ 90.


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