Outdoor robot 1 by Gaston KLARES

My first robot. I decided to build a robot for outdoor use, thinking it would me more interesting
than an indoor model.
Built mostly with recycling parts. Driven by 2 car wiper motors on about 17 Volts. Direction change
by a third wiper motor in the middle to change the angle of the two halves of the chassis; it works
with a steel rope that is wrapped around the motors shaft, can just be activated while driving
because of self-destruction risks.
The wheels are from a lawn mower. The rear wheels were fixed on a tilteable axe and fixed on spring
Power supply by two 12V lead rechargeables batteries in series (7 Ah each).
A main PWM-circuit stabilizes the motor voltage two around 17 Volts.
Controlled by an 8052AH-BASIC-Evaluation board from Elektor magazine. Most other circuits self
developed and built, 2 kits assembled. Can receive commands by a TV IR-remote control, an RC5-code
receiver is used.
2 Bumpers with microswitches on the front end, two on the rear and two in the middle for the
direction motor.
2 IR-Diodes on the front an one IR-modulated receiver (38 kHz). Ultrasonic obstacle detection on the
It got some obstacle detecting and avoiding routines, but had lots of problems with his own weight.
The remote control was quite unuseable when the sun was shining.


Email: gklares@ara.lu

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