OVMR by Andreas Sundqvist

OVMR - Obstacle Avoiding Micro Robot
This robot is one of my first robot projects, and so faar quite simple. The idea was to build a
small robot with the ability to move around and avoid obstacles.
It uses antennas at the moment but Im planning to improve its sensor mechanism to use IR light.
This robot was the part of my project in school.

The processor I use is the pic16f84a, (from Microchip)
Which is controlling all inputs from the antennas, and when
an object is near it also sends output to the motorcontroller.

Two DC-engines with a simple "gearbox" from two similar CD-players.
(those motors which controls the laserarm)

Parts used
*DC Motors
*Driver circuit (H-bridge)
*Main controller circuit(built on PIC16F84A)
*Battery for PIC circuit

Problems encountered
The only problem Ive found this far is the fact that OVMR is
in a need of high current. The driver curcuits are fed with appr 10V.
And because batteries or ackumulators are quite heavy, Im using an adapter at this time.

Time to build
Well, it took me about 2-3 weeks to build it. But I wasnt working on it all the time.. So its
difficult to say.

Not much Im afraid :)
The only "expensive" part was the PIC.

Andreas Sundqvist, andreas.sundqvist@berg.se
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Email: andreas.sundqvist@berg.se

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