PASIV by Michael Burton


( Under Construction)

Designed and constructed to function as a watchdog for my yard, lying in wait, quietly off in a dark
corner. Awaiting unsuspecting victim..uh  err...  intruder. Using ir motion detectors and sonar as
sensors. PASIV will notify me at my pc of possable intrusion onto property, then Ask what action to
take. Approach? Sit and Watch? Follow?   (That should freak out an unwanted visitor). 
Thats the goal. 

PASIV currently weighs a little over 230 pounds. 32" long 26" wide 4' tall when standing. Track
width 3.5" with  18" of contact area.
This bot is driven by wheelchair motors. The drive motors will be powered by 36v, forward speed
tested at 24V was 20' in 10 seconds.
About the pace of a fast walk. The computers (3), sensors, and movement systems will be powered by a
seperate 24v power source feeding various DC/DC voltage regulators.

Estimated hours of construction is over 500 currently. (I work slow)

Each track is constructed of bycicle chain. 15 - 56" lengths per side. yea thats a lot of chain.
Pinned together with music wire.(60 hours in each track.) Track skegs were handmade to keep the
track under the boggy wheels. The drive system uses.....  you guessed it. Bycicle sprockets.

The torso Turrets are made from gear assemblys (6) from E-Bay. Wicked cool and powerful. The bot is
built entirely of aluminum. 5/8 side plating and main hull construction. Plated in 1/4" alum.
Milling and drilling on very old Machine shop equip. A Brown and Sharp horizontal mill dated 1893,
and a drillpress born not to long after that.

The head will house the computer systems.
The base will contain power and power controllers.

Cost: currently I have near $3,000.00 in components.
Pentium computer, GPS, Data Radios (1.5 mile range)
2- Basic-X24 processors. 2.4g Wireless network, 
Onboard Devantech compass, and Devantech MD-03 speed controllers.
4 cameras planned, One will be the CMUcam.

Web site to follow shortly.

I've worked in computers for 20 years. 15 years of that, my main hobby was R/C planes and
helicopters.  This is by far more fun than both of those things put together.

Inspired by this website.

Thank you,
Michael Burton


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