PathFinder V1.0 by Jani Bajec

This is my first robot. I built this robot for competition 
in our faculty. Robot shoud be able to follow line. So, I decided
to make radio controlled - computer guided Bot. In computer i 
have card PC-dio-96, which have 100 I/O ports. Next, I took
apart an old RC car and installed receiver in robot, transmiter 
was placed next to my PC. Program is written in Visual Basic,
to ensure to be as simple as possible. Unfortunetlly, bot had no 
sensors, because i cant transmit sensor readings back to PC.
(i don't know where can I get 2 way transmiter).

I used lego to reduce cost, so this bot costed me nothing :) 
(i already had IO card) =) 

Time to build: 3 days

 - no two way communication (help would be apriciated)
 - huge problmes with transmiter ( if wires were just a little 
bit longer, it dindn't work anymore) :(
 - i had to take my PC to competition :)

Future: Off road robot with full autonomy, camera and spakers. 

More pics of competiton, mine and other robots :

Tnx for reading, feel free to email me: 


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