PC by Clark Ober

well, my robot isn't much of a robot yet, I am working
on the arm the most, I'm still collecting parts for the
robot it's self.  It will have a 486-40, 120 mb HD, 3.5"
floppy, 5" floppy, amber 9" monitor, 6-axis robot arm,
6 wheels with differential steering, alot of sensors,
and an A.I. program that will at least take up 50 mb..I
hope.. i have been working on the arm for about a week,
lack of funding makes work go slow...for more info about
my robot at


Motivation for Sanity,

and look at "Robot Stuff" for all my info
on my robot... my arm will have 6 axises. it is made of
aluminum. it will be driven by an SSC II, 3 standard
sevos and 6 1/4 scale servos..it will be atough little
arm... well....see it for your self...

Email: mr_nemo37@hotmail.com

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