PEARL MK2 by Choi Chan Hak

This robot, called PEARL MK2, is a series of robot PEARL. 
It has one IR sensor module, one RF module and three
luminous intensity sensors and one IR object detector module. 
Power is provided from two small Ni-MH rechagable
battery, 3.6V/70mAh. The used computer is PIC16C711/4MHz 
produced by microchips. And two small dc geared motors
propelled PEARL MK2. PEARL MK2 was designed for several 
experiments. And I have an interest in testing of
movement stability in the rough surface. I am satisfied 
with the design of PEARLĄ¯s wheel frame. And with PEARL
MK2, I can experiment on various things about autonomous 
and cooperation of small robots. And then I want to
build a small robot for finding and removing mines be 
everywhere of the world.


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