PeGleG by Jeremy C

This is a six-legged  walker which as of now has no sensors or
anything like that.  It is controled by a basic stamp II chip with a
board of education kit.  This came in very handy since it has plug ins
designed especially for servo motors.  The Gosub Pbasic command is used 
extensively to control the legs since this saves EPROM space and makes
it much easier to control and modify the way it walkes around. Lexan was
used for the body of the robot and wood and bolts were used for the legs 
-thus the name PeGleG.  Three standard servo motors were used with a 6V
battery Pack to control the legs. As of now it simply walks in a 
predetermined path specified by whatever one puts in it's memory.  Future 
plans for this robot include bump sensorsor infrared bump sensors and 
possibly an infrared remote control setup.  It probably took about 20 
hours of planning and another 25 hours of building to make this robot
although it could have been much more; I had a lot of fun building this 
robot so I didn't really keep track.  If I had bought all of the parts
for this robot it would have probably cost a little over $250.  This 
robot was inspired by Jonas Aronsson's BS2-6-bot which has the same 
servo configuration and moves in the same way.   


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