Pocket-Bot by Norm Reed

     Pocket-Bot is a miniature low cost robot offering a standard
commercially available platform for virtually any miniature robotics 
application. This advanced robot is driven by a long lasting 9 volt 
alkaline battery, also powering an easily programmed on-board BASIC 
STAMP II microcontroller. The Pocket-Bot has built in shaft encoders,
obstacle detect bumpers,independent left and right four wheel drive.
A large prototyping area allows users to easily add custom circuitry
for specialized applications. Pocket-Bot has proven to be ideal for 
use in collective behavior research, AI studies and autonimous 
robotics experimenting.
     Pocket-Bot was developed by Greg Kiskaden and Norm Reed at 
Diversified Enterprises http://www.divent.com/pocketbot.html to help 
advance the current state of the art in miniature robotics.

  Size:                                . 
  Length                               63 mm   ( 2.5in ) 
  Width                                48 mm   ( 1,7/8in )
  Height                               38 mm   ( 1.5in )
  Weight (w/o battery, with computer)  48 g. 
  Power:                               . 
  Drive and Computer                   One 9 volt alkaline battery
  Typical Current Draw                 200 mA 
  Typical Battery Life                 1 hour 
  Microcontroller:                     .     
  Basic Stamp II                       ref: Parallax Inc. BS2-IC 
  I/O Pins                             16 total, 8 non-dedicated 
  Ram (Variable Space)                 256 bytes  
  EEPROM (Program Space)               2K bytes (tokenized)  
  Programming Language                 PBASIC 
  Documentation                        supplied with BS2-IC  
  Drive System:                        variable 
          Fastest                      20 cm/s (approx.) 
          Slowest                      4 cm/s (approx.) 
  Steering                             Differential
  Drive Wheels                         4 
  Encoder Resolution                   3.0 counts/cm 
  Prototyping Area:                    . 
  Size                                 40 mm x 28 mm 
  # Through Holes at 0.1" Spacing      175 

Email: support@divent.com

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