Probe II SG by Michael Thompson

Prove II SG is a 4 channel 75Mhz radio controlled ROV 
designed for operation in an unstructured outdoor
environment. It's four 12 volt DC gearhead motors directly 
drive modified lawn mower wheels, making it slow,
but nearly unstopable. It currently features 3 video 
cameras, including a high resolution color camera with a
variable zoom/focus lens, as well as a pan/tilt navagation 
camera and a fixed rear view camera. Video and audio
is transmitted over a 2.4 Ghz link. Camera switching, 
and other controls are performed by a DTMF push button
control system using 430Mhz FRS radios. This vehicle has 
completed several successful runs outdoors, including
a recent live webcast that allowed people from as far 
away as India to watch live transmitted video over the
internet. While Probe II SG is fully functional, I consider 
it a work in progress, as it itself is a testbed
for more complex additional systems. Please visit if you are interested in
more information.


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