Probe II SG by Michael Thompson

Probe II SG is a wheeled ROV, or Remotely Operated Vehicle. Essentially a rolling camera
platform/development tool/testbed, it is designed to operate outdoors, and has recently completed a
10 hour operational test where it explored my backyard and beyond while the live video was webcast
to TRCY club members online.
    Originally designated "Probe II", testing proved the vehicle be more powerful and efficient than
expected, and the "Upper Shell" (Originally a case for old night vision goggles) was attached. This
provides quite a bit of room for additional equipment, and warranted the addition of "SG" to it's
    Probe II SG uses four 12VDC gear motors directly driving modified eight-inch lawnmower wheels to
get around, and is powered by a single 12 volt 25ah sealed lead-acid battery.
    The primary remote controller is a Tower Hobbies 4-channel FM RC rig. Two channels control the
vehicle, and two control the pan/tilt base of the "Navagation" camera.
    A secondary remote control system is currently under construction. This secondary system
utilizes DTMF tones sent via radio to control switching of the vehicle's three on board video
cameras, as well as controlling other onboard systems.
    An off-the-shelf Radio Shack 2.4 Ghz link is being used to transmit video and audio from the
vehicle to "Probe Mission Control".    
    Range of the vehicle is currently limited to the video link range of about 300 feet.

    This is not strictly a robot, as it is entirely remotely controlled, but I have had little luck
finding others who are building ROVs like mine, so here I am.
    I have many more photos, and drawings on my Yahoo photo page:


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